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Geographic Area

My office is located in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa. Most client contact occurs here and court proceedings usually occur in State or Federal courthouses in Davenport. I am able to represent clients in a wide range of matters in Scott County. Depending upon the type of case and client preference I do become involved in cases in other counties and occasionally, other states. The types of cases outside Scott County that I am likely to become involved in are:

 Federal Criminal Defense

I am admitted to practice by all Federal courts in Iowa and the Central District of Illinois. Davenport, Des Moines (Polk County) and Cedar Rapids (Linn County), Iowa and Rock Island and Peoria, Illinois are usual court house and case locations. Greater travel distances may not be economically feasible.

Iowa Felony Criminal Defense

Jackson, Clinton, Muscatine and Cedar Counties in Iowa are in the same Seventh Judicial District in Iowa as Scott County and are within an hour of my office. There will be additional travel time and expense but not usually prohibitively so for a serious or contested case. The nature of the case or client preference may allow me to become involved in cases throughout Eastern Iowa including Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Dubuque, Burlington and Keokuk, Iowa and occasionally in Western Illinois with assistance of local Illinois counsel.

Personal Injury

Throughout Eastern Iowa and occasionally Western Illinois with assistance of local Illinois counsel. Serious cases justify more travel time and expense.

Appeals of Criminal and Civil Cases

The appeal involves the review of court file and transcripts of relevant proceedings to determine if legal errors occurred. The investigation and client contact should have occurred already. Generally there is not a new investigation or much client contact. You will not get a chance to testify or present additional evidence during the appeal. Iowa appeals may require travel to Des Moines for oral argument. Federal appeals in the 7th and 8th Circuits are presented in St. Louis, St. Paul or Chicago. The travel time and expense are not great in relationship to the time invested in the case. It may be economically feasible to represent a client in the appeal of an Iowa matter tried in Western Iowa or a Federal matter anywhere in Iowa or Illinois or other states within the 7th or 8th Circuits - Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Indiana and Wisconsin.