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Fire Litigation

Fire injuries and death require competent investigation to determine the cause and origin of the fire and the cause of injury.  It is likely that a person who dies in a fire died because they were overcome by the smoke and products of combustion rather than the heat from the fire.  A fire injury or death should also involve an evaluation of safety devices intended to prevent or detect the fire.  Fire litigation often involves claims against several defendants.  Fire science is a complicated field.  There are a lot of charlatans posing as experts.  I have worked with and against some of the best attorneys and experts in the United States to represent clients seriously injured and killed in fires caused by a baby monitor, a humidifier, an electric space heater and gasoline fumes ignited by a water heater. I worked for many years with Attorney James Fetterly of Minneapolis and have worked with some of the preeminent fire scientists in the field, Dr. Patrick Pagni at Berkeley, Joseph Zicherman at Fire Cause Analysis in Berkeley, California, B. Don Russell in Texas, Jose L. Terero in Maryland and Jerry Hall at Iowa State and Jesse Aronstein in New York.