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Informational Purpose

This website is designed to provide information concerning the lawyer and cases that the lawyer has been involved in and is willing to consider accepting in the future. It is not intended to give legal advice. Legal advice cannot be given until the lawyer has made a reasonable investigation of the facts and considered the relevant law after agreeing to represent the client.

Attorney Client Relationship

The attorney client relationship is not established by visiting this website or sending information, emails or contact forms to the attorney. There is no agreement to represent a person or company unless and until an employment agreement is acknowledged by the attorney. An email, inquiry or web contact form may not be protected by attorney client privilege until the attorney client relationship is established. Please allow the attorney to investigate the possibility of a conflict of interest and confirm the existence of the attorney client relationship before providing information that you wish considered confidential.


Email is not secure. Avoid sending sensitive or confidential internet email messages unless they are adequately encrypted and the attorney client relationship is acknowledged.

Statutes of Limitation

Persons who may have a claim should be aware that statutes of limitation in the jurisdiction in which the claim can be brought establish a date beyond which a claim cannot be filed. In some property damage and personal injury cases it may be necessary to provide notice or file suit within days of the injury and in other cases a year or more is allowed. These statutes are complicated and it is critical to promptly confer with an attorney to determine this date if you believe you may have a legal claim against another person, company, municipality or governmental entity.

Past Results Cannot Predict Future Results

No guarantee in a future case can be made. Past results should not be considered as an indication of ability to achieve a favorable verdict or settlement on any future case.

Contingent Fees and Expenses

The client is responsible for payment of litigation expenses for court costs, expert witness fees, court reporter fees and other expenses to investigate, prepare and present the case even when the attorney advances these expenses and even if there is no recovery. Contingent fees are calculated upon the total recovery prior to the deduction of litigation expenses or payment of medical bills or other charges. Generally there is no fee for the attorney’s time if there is no recovery in a personal injury case